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The History of Footki

an idea born from a passion

“A former high-level athlete at the AS Nancy Lorraine football training center and having had the chance to make a single professional match in 2004, I am committed today to living my passion again.

Il y a quelques années, je suis parti d’un constat simple : tout footballeur a déjà posé une bouteille ou un objet sur une table pour le viser avec le ballon, et y passer des heures avec des amis ou en famille pour se challenger.
J’ai alors eu l’idée d’un nouveau jeu mélangeant le football, le tennis et le molkky. Un nouveau sport émergent, en face à face avec le jeu au milieu des joueurs, est alors créé.

J’ai tout d’abord improvisé un jeu avec les moyens du bord, puis j’ai conceptualisé ce nouveau produit avec des ingénieurs industriels dans l’objectif de le commercialiser sur le marché du Sport et loisir. L’idée est d’apporter une innovation d’usage avec un produit robuste, ludique et durable dans le temps.
Le FOOTKI est à la fois un sport émergent, mais également, un outil de perfectionnement d’agilité technique à disposition des écoles de football et un jeu ludique pour les entreprises d’événementiels, de tourismes et institutions sportives.
Avec ambition, je souhaite faire de FOOTKI le nouveau jeu d’adresse de référence dans le monde du football et un nouveau sport émergent en France et au-delà de nos frontières.

Que vous soyez footballeurs/footballeuses ou non, ce jeu mixte et intergénérationnel vous permettra de passer des moments funs et conviviaux. FOOTKI, c’est la précision au bout du pied partout et pour tous. 


Johann – Creator and Founder of FOOTKI


Camille – Co-Founder FOOTKI

A meeting that accelerated the project

“We met with Johann at a start-up incubator in Nantes. He had been selected for his FOOTKI project and I for a digital project also in sport. At the end of the trial period in this incubator, we both made the choice not to continue the incubation, but our meeting was going to change a lot of things.
Passionate about sport and especially football, I had the chance to test one of the FOOTKI prototypes. During this test, I was amazed by the effect that this game could have and I immediately wanted to be part of this adventure. I strongly believed in this innovative project and I was convinced that there were wonderful things to do. I made the decision to put an end to my project and I then proposed to Johann an association on his FOOTKI project. After a period of reflection and several months of working together, we finally made the decision to join forces and put our skills at the service of FOOTKI.

Football has always been present in my life and since childhood, this sport has fascinated me. I was barely walking when I had my first ball between my feet. Since I was 5 years old, I learned to play football in my local club and our weekends were animated by football. When I was 12, the FC Nantes training center offered me to give it a try. My dream could then come true but for reasons of training pace and investment, my parents found that it could be premature and favored a more traditional school curriculum.
Football has nevertheless remained a passion that I live on a daily basis because I play in leisure and I am a football fan in general.
Today, and thanks to this meeting with Johann, I have the opportunity to combine passion and work and I realize how lucky it is. It gives me a lot of energy for the development of FOOTKI”

FOOTKI is precision at your fingertips everywhere and for everyone.

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